Benefits of Using Natural Lubrication For Sex & Masturbation on Sexual Health

how to stay sexy and happy

Whenever it comes to sex or masturbation, one gets little cautious before trying anything new. I still remember the time when I first wore a condom, I felt so weird that half of my mind was occupied with the thought that I have something on my penis. It’s really common to have any such feeling for the first time. But today what we are going to talk about is lubricant that one can use for…

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Why Does it Burn While Passing Urine after Masturbation (fap) or Sex (intercourse); And its Cure

best sex health tips for men and women

The world is full of people who masturbate and have sex; still there is so much of hesitation amongst people while discussing about the problems related to it. Don’t you think your sexual organs are most important part of your body? For me they are, and I will try and help my readers as much as possible to stay sexually healthy and fit. Any sort of disorder creates a lot of panic and chaos amongst…

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What to Eat After Masturbation to Regain Energy Lost in Release of Sperm; Masturbation Diet

best health benefits of juices

Everything has its own pros and cons. It all depends on us how we use things and make them work for us. Similar is the case with masturbation. There are people who follow healthy masturbation rules and enjoy a healthy sexual life and also there are people who are recklessly masturbating with improper knowledge and are landing themselves in situation from where they are finding hard to recover. Internet is full of data showing negative…

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What to do Before & During Masturbation (Fapping); How to Masturbate in a Healthy Way

Learn how to have a healthy masturbation

One may begin to masturbate at a very early age of even 12 years. And this age “12 years” is just a childhood age, where one is not much concerned and aware of health, sexual problems, weakness and all the health related issues. So, we basically just begin to masturbate while keeping in mind only one motto that nobody (specially parents) should get to know about it and is able to discover any unusual act,…

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What to do and What Not to do After Masturbation, Health Tips

post masturbation relaxation

Masturbation…!! If you are somebody who is fed up of hearing against masturbation and want to learn how you could stay healthy while masturbating, then you are at right place. Because if you’ll follow healthy ways of masturbation; trust me, you will never face any side effect of masturbation. And one of the place where most of the people fail to follow a healthy practice is What to do After Masturbation? They ain’t aware of healthy…

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Can Masturbation turn me Gay? Is Sexual Orientation related to Masturbation?

masturbation will not turn you gay

You all must be wondering masturbation and gayness..?? Is Ankit freaking out?? How could this be possible?? But today I have finally decided to write on this topic because recently, a 16-year-old boy wrote to me and asked, “Is my masturbation habit turning me gay?” For a moment I thought from gay he referred to as happiness, but I was shocked when he clearly mentioned it as homosexual. I was stunned what has this guy asked…

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How to Stop/Control Masturbation and Regain Strength and Stamina

combating masturbation side effects

Masturbation is the easiest and most common way of satisfying one’s sexual desire without harming anybody (including yourself) if practiced within healthy limits. In fact various studies around the world have proven that practicing masturbation within healthy limits is really good for physical and mental health. But, due to the pleasure and convenience involved with masturbation, people very quickly fall into the habit of over practicing it and even get addictive to it. And there…

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Health Benefits of Masturbation

Become a Masturbation Pro

Before we start with anything else I simply want to know do you know what masturbation is. 90% of the people don’t know even what exactly masturbation is, all they know is how to jerk off. Let me tell you step wise for a better understanding.   What Is Masturbation?   Masturbation is an act of self pleasure, where one satisfies his/her sexual desires (by mere rubbing and touching) which may or may not be…

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How Many Times to MASTURBATE (FAP)

When to Stop Masturbation

Masturbation is one such topic which could probably have infinite doubts and infinite answers to each doubt. Since I have been working in this field for long, I have tried to bring out the best advice and examples to make your masturbation habit a healthier one.     Before today I have written on how to masturbate in a healthy way, what to do after masturbation, how much to masturbate in a week or month …

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Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Evolution from Anti-Masturbatory Diet to a Healthy Breakfast; Health Stories

Kellogg's Corn Flakes different flavors

The discovery of Kellogg’s is something that every guy and girl who masturbates or has ever masturbated must know. This tells us how our civilization has changed from being considering masturbation a sin to seeing the health benefits of masturbation to a level that even psychologists recommend people in stress and suffering depression to masturbate.     In the early 18th century, when people discovered how to masturbate and give pleasure to self, there were…

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Best Lubricants for Men & Women for Every Sexual Need; Natural Health Products

Lubrication for Anal Sex

Everybody in this world is not aware that how a little lubrication can make your sexual experience so much more enjoyable. Knowing this fact, if you are somebody who is quiet anxious about the chemicals & toxins being added to everything these days and just want to stay as natural as possible to maintain your health, then you are at the right place. Today I am going to tell you the best natural lubricants (lubes)…

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Healthy Sex Tips to follow – For Beginners & Regular folks as well

how to do sex first time

Sex… do you know this is the most searched topic around the world on internet. Some people want to know about it out of curiosity, while others just want to know whether their approach is right towards it or not. No doubts as on why this is most searched topic, because nobody teaches us how to do it, nor everybody is same and can have same experience; so nobody can even teach you what exactly…

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How Much to Masturbate in a Week or Month? A Safe Number

number of masturbation safe for health

In relation to masturbation, there’s a presumed understanding among most people that it’s not something to bring up in a normal conversation. But, till today I am not able to understand why? Why is this topic not considered as normal as having breakfast or lunch? When nearly 90% of people indulge in the act of masturbation then why is it considered like something to be ashamed off and is not talked in open. To make…

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Want to Regain Sexual Stamina? Food Items to Improve Sexual Health

best foods that can work as vigra

Got hitched and getting ready for the big day?? Or shall I say the big night..!! No need to feel shy, I am also a man and share the same thoughts as you guys do. The thoughts that occupy the mind of males after engagement are – has my masturbation habit left my tank empty, or what if I don’t know and I am suffering from erectile dysfunction? Will I be able to satisfy her?…

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Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday on Body & Skin; Natural Fitness Tips

Health Benefits of Drinking Milk

Milk is the first thing that we had (from mother) when we came to earth, and ever since then milk has been an integral part of everyone’s life. Milk in itself is a whole food to be precise; it has a lot of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the health of the human being. Talking about health benefits of milk, there are innumerable health benefits associated with it from pregnancy to new born it…

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