Beauty and Fitness Mantra from Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has a very faultless and flawless figure and you must be curious to know how she maintains her figure and stay fit and beautiful. No doubt that it cannot be achieved without constant workout and without proper healthy diet but what does this diet includes, is what we are going to share. Her Daily workout is what we will share and how she keeps herself slim with great body curves and sexy figure that everyone admires on screen as well as off screen is a secret beauty recipe revealed here.

sexy deepika health secrets revealed
sexy deepika health secrets revealed

This 26 year old actress and supermodel must be having a strict workout routine as any dress fits her – whether Indian or Western and she looks killer in all of them. You cannot just take your eyes away for a second also. With a great Height of 5 ft 9 she looks stunning with jeans and shirt as well as sari.

She says “I do regular exercise, yoga, eat healthy and positive thinking is what makes me look good.”

“I think the body type of the whole world is different and reacts differently to different work outs. It is important that you understand what suits your body and exercise accordingly,” she said.

Deepika doesn’t have a personal fitness trainer. But, she takes help from Yasmin. So, let’s checkout her proper workout routine.

deepika padukone beauty and health secrets
deepika padukone beauty and health secrets

Starting from early morning she wakes up at 6 and does yoga and free-hand warm-up exercise in her garden area.

  • Deepika follows a workout routine daily, which starts with gym. She is not regular with her gym and does not like to go to gym. But she does so to keep her body in perfect shape and size. Maintaining figure is a part of her profession anyways. So she usually skips gym and if she goes, she prefers to do light weight only. She tries to focus on exercise that needed for any particular body part which needs more perfection and require exercise routine.


  • Deepika likes Yoga very much and does daily in the morning. She practices different types of asans. She says these asans help her to look young, fresh and healthy.


  • After the Yoga sessions , she prefers to do some half hour of walking, that helps her maintain stamina of the body.


  • She Loves Dancing and she practices dance whenever she is in mood of doing different type of exercise. Dance is a great way to maintain a lean figure and body curves. It helps you in building a body that is much more flexible.


  • From Deepika : “I do a lot of free-hand weights and 4 to 5 sets of stretching exercises with 20 reps, in between Pilates or stretching routines.”


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“I do a lot of yoga. While eating everything, but at the same time I know that there are certain types of food I put on weight, so I try to avoid them. I think healthy eating; regular exercise and positive attitude can help anyone look better, “she added.

deepika health and fittness secrets
deepika health and fittness secrets

The secret behind Deepika Padukone’s gorgeous and perfect figure 34-24-34 and weight around 60 kg, is her strict diet routine. She is one of the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. Lets check out her diet routine.

Being a food lover, she believes one should not do dieting by avoiding eating food that he or she likes. Instead she should do some work out to lose the extra weight that is put on. She thinks starvation doesn’t help in losing weight. So her tip to sexy and perfect looking curved figure from top to bottom is a healthy diet and proper exercise.

She goes for egg-white portions and plain dosa with pudhina chutney in breakfast. She also goes with some paranthas and milk as well on some days.

She loves eating home cooked food and avoid extra oil in her lunch. This includes- dal, rotis, sabji, salad, dahi and raita, i.e all common homemade items. Often she has to eat outside, she prefers to eat idli and dosa.

She loves to eat fruits. She usually have grapes, mangoes, apples and watermelons and she prefers coconut water all time. She have cocoonut water in the morning after breakfast and also in the evening.

She likes to eat porridge with homemade dal and steamed sabji with pickle in dinner. She avoids rice or heavy dinner. She only eats light food for dinner, and she doesn’t prefer chicken or grilled fish at night.

Recently Deepika revealed her beauty secrets also. Let’s find out what deepika has in the beauty tips for her fans, admirers and lovers.

deepika health and beauty secrets and tips
deepika health and beauty secrets and tips

Tip 1) Skin Care is must and should be easy to do. She usually follows a simple 10 min cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine. She starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water and that keeps her nicely hydrated through the day.

She Occasionally likes to go for a relaxing body therapeutic massage. She simply stick with fundamentals like a easy lipstick and a impartial basis if she do not have shooting.

Tip 2) After workouts, we usually follow SPA therapy, Generally only a steam and sauna will make you feel good about yourself.

Tip 3) Coconut oil massages have always worked for her hair. “It’s been my mantra for taking care of hair since childhood” said by deepika. “True dadi ma ka nuskha” we believe.

Tip 4) When I am not shooting, I don’t wear make-up and I cleanse my face thoroughly once I am done with the shoot. Another tip to avoid makeup as much as possible will help you keep your facial glow natural.

Tip 5) During the daytime, I use a moisturiser with an SPF. At night, I use a deep conditioning moisturiser. Use Moisturiser to help protect your skin in the sun and also to give your skin the essential oils through these moisturisers.

Tip 6) While bathing, I love using a loofah on my body as it instantly improves blood circulation and also helps remove dead cells.


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Deepika’s Choice of Scent 

From Deepika “I don’t like very flowery, strong or musky scents. I like fresh fragrances. I take advantage of Hugo boss, Ralph Lauren and Estee lauder.”

Sports Love keeps Her Fit and Healthy

She says that being a sports lover, she used to play lots of sports when she was in school and that helped her build a flexible and good figure. She used to play badminton and tennis and each day she used to have at least 1 hour reserved for outdoor games.

Your Turn Now

So this was all from deepika’s health and beauty corner. Let us know if you think we haven’t covered anything about her fitness routine or if you want us to cover more such routines in the comment section below. Have any questions regarding workout routines, let us know, we would try to help you with that as well.

Share your views and opinions with us. Follow the great fitness routine of deepika and feel the same energy and fitness motion in you as well.

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