Healthy Highlights of Year 2015, Fitness Review and Advancements

As the year end is approaching, everybody is busy thanking people who have helped them in 2015; people are busy looking at their achievements while others are busy sharing their memories on social media that they have achieved in 2015. Everywhere is an ambience of feel good; everybody wants to re-live all the memories in the ending days of the year and so do I, I want to take a moment to reflect on the year 2015 and what we’ve accomplished as a resident of this earth. We’ll see if 2015 has proven to be beneficial or injurious for health and what all promises it has done for 2016.

year 2015 in health achievements
medical advancement and health review 2015

We’ve encountered a number of changes and challenges this year.  If we’ll look from health point of view it was both bad, as well as good. Bad because overall life span has decreased, pollution – the major problem; has increased an alarming level, population is still a problem in developing nations, forest area has reduced, use of medicine has increased, number of pupils dying of diseases has increased, a number of new diseases have also come into observation. Please, do not panic listening to all these changes, if negativity has increased so has the positivity, if the number of people dying of diseases has increased then the new medicines and pharmaceuticals have also been found and tested successfully that can cure many of them now, and if pollution has increased then UN with almost all the nations has set limit of each country on pollution and has started a check on that, if the area under forest has decreased then a number of new NGO’s and other private organizations have come up and taken up the green revolution to grow more trees and has also started to spread education on health & last but not the least we have also found “Medictips” in 2015 that surely promises to promote healthy and better living in coming years to all its readers.


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Here I don’t want you to be someone who has to suffer the changes – either good or bad, I want you to be strong enough to survive and fight. All of you must have heard about the Darwin’s Theory… No?? So here it is; According to Darwin’s Theory, the healthier or the stronger ones will continue to lead a happy and healthy life while the weaker ones will suffer. Here I want you to be that stronger one, because in today’s world, changes are coming faster than expectation and we all know these changes are 70% negative and just 30% positive, so don’t be depend on anyone; that somebody will come and help you, you have to be the helping hand for others, you have to be that pillar that will help others, so be prepared.


Being educated or being aware is also a way that can help you in many a ways, so today I’ll tell you about the best innovations of 2015 in the area of health that have promised to revolutionize the health and life:


  1. Dengue Vaccine:

Every year hundreds of thousands of people were dying because of dengue, but finally, after a research of 20 years, the dengue vaccine has finally come up in Philippines and is expected to soon hit countries which are the worst sufferers of dengue.


  1. Anti-Cholesterol Vaccine or Anti-LDL Vaccine:

High LDL or bad cholesterol levels are the root cause of heart strokes and many nervous problems that often prove to be life taking. But, finally in June 2015 a new class of drug has been approved and has hit the market and has already come in the prescription slips of doctors. It is expected to save around 17% patients dying of heart strokes.


  1. Leadless Cardiac Pacemaker:

The adult heart usually beats between 60 and 100 times a minute at rest, but if a person has bradycardia, a slower than normal heart rate, it indicates a problem with the heart’s electrical system. Two leadless pacemaker devices have been invented, that will help in maintaining pace of heart beat. The device is completing final stage trials in the US.

  1. Angiotensin-Receptor Neprilysin Inhibitor for Heart Failure:

A new class of heart failure medication recently received FDA priority review designation in February 2015, with official approval expected in August. In studies, this drug was found to reduce risk of cardiovascular death by 20% and HF related hospitalization by 21% when compared to standard treatment.


  1. Blood Diagnosis:

With the advent of science, blood became a key diagnostic element. The process of opening a vein and collecting blood for testing and diagnosis, is regularly used to measure cells, lipids, proteins, sugars, hormones, tumor markers and other blood components. A new blood testing platform has come up in which only a few blood droplets are required and offers over 153 tests in an economical price.


  1. Mobile Stroke Treatment:

Each year millions of people worldwide die because of stroke or brain attacks. So, researchers have come up with mobile stroke treatment systems. These are equipped with all the required medication and latest technology to treat strokes. Patients who use the mobile stroke unit found that CT scans were accomplished 20 minutes sooner and the total treatment time was significantly reduced from an average of 104 minutes in the emergency room to 64 minutes. Thus, helping a lot of people from this life threatening condition.


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These are the top six advancements and innovations that have come into action and are helping mankind live a longer life. Apart from these six, many of the researches are still under scan that will soon be out; the best amongst them is research on ADC’s (Anti-Body Drug Conjugates) that will prove to be a boon for the cancer patients, apart from that new medications for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is also into its final phase and will most probably be ready in early 2016.


These all are for life threatening diseases, for regular day-to-day health you can refer to the top health gadgets of 2015 article, published earlier, those gadgets don’t only check health but also provokes you to go and adapt good and healthy habits. And moving forward, to keep you healthy I am soon coming up with the Healthy New Year Resolutions. Don’t miss that and make things count in 2016, as you have already seen that things have gone worse in 2015. Prevention is always better than cure. Be prepared today, to fight tomorrow.


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Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain

Ankit is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind MedicTips. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for MedicTips. Ankit has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health. Currently Working in MNC, with the prior goal to promote healthy living, Ankit is giving his best to help society stay healthy and fit.
Ankit Jain

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