Crack the Health Benefits of Walnut

Walnuts are often called as super nuts by most experts because of its innumerable health benefits. Today, due to diet restrictions and several disbeliefs people avoid eating walnuts considering that they are calorie-rich and fat dense in nature. However, the fact that walnuts are immensely rich in nutrition and their benefits ranging from metabolism to heart health and beauty cannot be overlooked.

health benefits of walnut
health benefits of walnut

From worldwide researchers, walnut has been ranked above other nuts such as peanuts, almonds, pecans, and others. Researchers know that walnuts have high levels of antioxidants two times more than other nuts. The content of antioxidants in walnut has 15 times greater benefits than vitamin E in the number.


Walnut is also a rich source of energy and contains many health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. These nuts are packed with many important B-complex groups of vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6, and folates. They also very are rich source of minerals like manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Being rich in all these nutrients if researchers call it as super food then it is not wrong I think.


Now coming to the real point, the benefits that this super nut has to offer.

  1. Heart Health:

Walnuts contain the amino acid –I arginine, which offers multiple vascular benefits to people with heart disease, or those who have increased risk for heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors. Walnuts also contain the plant-based omega-3 fat alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which is anti-inflammatory and prevent the formation of pathological blood clots. Hence it reduces the risk of heart attacks and sudden cardiac disorders that lead to death.


  1. Improve Immune System:

As mentioned above, walnuts are amongst one of the richest source of antioxidants. Antioxidants content in walnuts fights the free radicals present in our body and help us get rid of them. Not just this, the antioxidants also helps boost the immune system and protects the body from the aging process, several diseases and helps stay fit and healthy.


  1. Fights Cancer:

Another most impressive benefit of walnut on our health is that it fights cancer causing agents in our body. Walnuts help reduce not only the risk of prostate cancer, but breast cancer as well. Studies suggest that eating walnut reduces the cancer growth by 30 to 40 percent and slows tumour growth by 50 percent as well.

  1. Aids Digestion:

Since walnuts are rich in fiber, it helps keep our digestive system healthy. Getting enough fiber each day is very important to keep our stomach healthy. Most of the sources of protein, such as milk, lacks in fiber. So we can get both the benefits of protein and fiber benefits at the same time to eat walnuts this.


  1. Helps Weight Loss:

Do you have a belly below navel which is still their even after hell of dieting and exercises? Walnuts are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which help in shedding those last few stubborn pounds. By eating 4-5 walnut halves a day, one can speed up metabolism and lose weight more quickly. The improved digestive action of walnut also helps you keep a flat belly and doesn’t allow the fat to accumulate again.


  1. Fights Insomnia:

Our hectic and busy lifestyles have landed us in situation where our bodies are losing the ability to get a quick sleep. Are you suffering from the same? Then opt for walnuts. Melatonin occurs naturally in walnuts, which has been shown to be an effective sleep aid. Thus you can better enjoy your day to day life. It also helps to lessen the effects of jet lag also.


  1. Good for Brain:

For many years, walnuts have been considered as a brain food. They contain high levels of B-vitamin folate, which improves neural health, and reduces the risk of cognitive diseases. Also omega-3 fatty acids present in walnut help boost memory and cognitive functions as well.


  1. Fights infertility in males:

One of the lesser-known benefits of walnuts is their impact on male fertility. Among men who consume a diet containing walnuts daily significantly improved sperm quality, including vitality, motility, and morphology.


  1. Healthy Skin:

Walnuts offer up healthy Omega-3 fats that strengthen the membranes of your skin cells, locking in moisture and nutrients that keep it plump and glowing and keeping out toxins that can damage skin cells.


  1. Healthy Hair:

When it comes to hair, it is not what you apply on your hair that makes it lustrous and strong but what counts the most is your diet. Walnuts are packed-full of B-vitamins, biotin or commonly known as vitamin B7 which provides the required strength to hair, reduce hair fall, and improve the hair growth.


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These are the top ten benefits of consuming, but the real list is endless. So what are you waiting for? Crack open the health benefits of walnuts!

But a word of caution before you attack those walnuts. While walnuts provide documented health benefits, they are very high in calories. This means you should incorporate walnuts into your normal meals and not use them as snacks. If one intentionally eats walnuts in the form of excess calories, it could sabotage a weight management program. The best way to benefit from walnuts is to substitute them for other calories so your total daily calorie intake is not increased.

And also don’t forget to comment and share your views and reviews once you benefit from walnut.


Eat Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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Ankit Jain

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Ankit Jain

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