How to Stop/Control Masturbation and Regain Strength and Stamina

Masturbation is the easiest and most common way of satisfying one’s sexual desire without harming anybody (including yourself) if practiced within healthy limits. In fact various studies around the world have proven that practicing masturbation within healthy limits is really good for physical and mental health. But, due to the pleasure and convenience involved with masturbation, people very quickly fall into the habit of over practicing it and even get addictive to it.

And there is a wise saying excess of everything is bad; similarly once you start to over indulge yourself in the act of masturbation, then you have to suffer from its adverse effects as well. This addiction then leads to plenty of side effects such as erectile dysfunction, nightfall, premature ejaculation and semen discharge during urination and much more.

All these are a sign that the nerve keeping the ejaculation valve shut is weakening because of excessive use and over-stimulation.

combating masturbation side effects
combating masturbation side effects

If done in limits, masturbation is very pleasurable and good for your health, while over masturbation on the other hand kills the pleasure quotient in actual lovemaking. Because, with a weak penis, neither does the male enjoys himself nor does his partner. This kind of disappointment and lack of satisfaction from the partner’s end leads to relationship problems, quarrels and arguments which may further lead to end of relationship or even much more embarrassment.

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Hence, medical experts suggest that it is best to get rid of the effects of over masturbation and the practice itself as soon as possible. It not only leads to physical problems, but also mental problems, which last for long and get only worse with time.


how to control masturbation habit, health tips
how to control masturbation habit, health tips


Now, you need not worry that you’ll need to visit a sex specialist and answer the personal questions that he’ll counter. Till the time I am here nothing can bother you.

From here on, you have two options, either you can go natural way or you may opt for pharmaceutical way. No doubt, the pharmacy medicine may make you look like everything is fine faster, but they will not be able to cure the problem from the root, on the other hand we have natural way, which is more effective, cheap and will make sure the problem is cured from the root itself; but it might take a bit of time to show effect.


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There are a number of natural fruits and herbs available throughout the world which could prove out to be really magical for rejuvenating your reproductive system and provide body with much required vital nutrients which gets diminished due to over ejaculation. Since ancient times, countless people have used them to cure a number of sexual problems; including rejuvenating the male sexual organs.

Not only do these natural ways help in getting rid of the troubles caused by over masturbation, such as nightfall, semen leakage, erectile dysfunction etc. but also help the body to regain its original strength, and youth back which is often not found in people who are on allopathic treatment of such problems.


masturbation health tips and control, medictips
masturbation health tips and control, medictips


To restore the lost energy levels, a good balanced diet rich in zinc and proteins is must. So, some of the ways and diets which will help you get over the side effects of over masturbation and masturbation itself are as below. You can just say these are the rules and diet plans you need to start follow just right from this moment:

1) Control Your Addiction for Masturbation:

First and foremost step to start with is control your addiction for masturbation. Here I won’t recommend you the old ‘cold turkey’ method, wherein one has to stop masturbating altogether for a few days or weeks until one find himself able to concentrate on other things and then again gradually restart masturbation in moderation.

What I believe and have observed is, you can’t win over your addiction in just one go, like leaving it all together in one go for weeks, because you’ll have this thing in your mind all the time that one day has passed, these many days have passed and you’ll be lose this battle sooner or later. Here what I’ll recommend you is just relax, Ok, fine you have had bad past and you are suffering problems, but this is curable, not a big deal dude..!! So, just stay cool and try and avoid it and minimize it to minimum and slowly just give it up.


unhealthy and bad practices to avoid , to stay fit
unhealthy and bad practices to avoid , to stay fit

2) Say No to Porn:

Straight away, right now, just format all your devices like mobile phone, your tab, your laptop or PC wherever you have stored porn. This will surely help you. Because sometimes what happens is, you feel the urge to do it, but if you don’t find the stuff you’ll back off from self.


3) Empty your Bladder:

A full bladder may lead to sexual stimulation, so keep emptying your bladder often. Sometimes one might misjudge it as sexual intimation but that is just a result of nature’s call. This is really one important thing you need to take care of.


4) Increase your physical activity:

You can opt for a morning or evening walk or I would say instead of brisk walk go for a bit of jogging. What physical exercise does is it makes heart beat more rapidly, which results in more pumping of blood due to which blood and oxygen reaches to every part and thus helps fighting erectile dysfunction, seminal leakage, and the weakness in other parts of body which is caused due to overflow of seminal fluid.


health benefits of milk
health benefits of milk

5) Healthy Diet:

Add following stuff in your daily diet:

          a) Milk: Increase the intake of milk and other milk products. At least two glass of milk a day you should be taken, because milk is something that fights all the deficiencies in our body and being rich in zinc it provides a great rejuvenating effect to your penis. You can also add a few strands of Saffron into milk and take it before going to bed, it can help reverse the addiction of masturbation.

         b) Almond: The super food almond is an all-round performer. It is a must take for you especially in early stages. It will help your body regain the strength and stamina lost. You can directly take 4-5 almonds directly or take almond milk shake whichever you prefer.

        c) Drink cranberry juice and orange juice. They will supply vital nutrients to our body, thereby compensating the side effects of over-masturbation like physical and sexual exhaustion.

best health benefits of juices
Juices and milk for health benefits

       d) GingerGinger is an effective antioxidant. Consuming ginger in plenty improves your blood circulation and can check you from yielding the temptation of masturbating.

       e) Drink plenty of water, it will combat the deficiencies in the body by keeping the blood and oxygen flow to its optimum and can fight the physical as well as sexual exhaustion.

      f) Avoid non-veg and eggs. These foods give birth to the desires for masturbation.

      g) Eliminate excessive caffeine from your diet. It induces hormones which may overpower your will to not to masturbate.


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6) Shilajit and Ashwagandha herbs: Last and the best cure is to take shilajit and ashwagandha herbs. These are the magical potions with natural ability to fight all the sexual as well as physical weakness caused by over-masturbation. This will not only cure the deficiencies but will also rejuvenate you with all the required energy to again live an energetic and healthy life.


I’ll strongly recommend you to try these practices before you go and consult a doctor, because all of these are natural remedies; if these won’t benefit you at least these will also not have any negative impact on your health. And all these are tried and tested practices. If further you have any queries you can comment below or if you feel you have some better ways to combat the problem then also share your experiences without any hesitation. After all sharing is caring.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!


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