Is Masturbation Healthy or Unhealthy? Should I Practice masturbation daily or Not?

Masturbation – the act of self pleasure is being considered as sin in many communities of world, but do you really think this is a crime? I mean a simple act of self pleasure that includes nobody except you, without harming others, just for self pleasure, rubbing or touching your own body parts, could that be a crime?  If you’ll simply google masturbation, you’ll find a number of articles which say masturbation is a sin and it should not be practiced, they may also say that it is not good for health as well.

masturbation a healthy habbit or not
masturbation a healthy habbit or not

 Most common myths related to masturbation that you might have heard or if you haven’t heard yet then you may get to hear are:


  • It reduces sperm count in every shot and one day you’ll be left with zero sperm if you continue practicing it.
  • It causes pimples.
  • It causes stomach diseases.
  • It softens your bones.
  • It reduces life span.
  • It causes several genital diseases.


 Trust me, all of these are mere myths. In fact there are numerous benefits of masturbation that you might haven’t heard of. First of all masturbation is harmless, as in practicing masturbation you are not harming others and fulfilling your desire on your own. This is the safest form of sex available, that too free of cost. You won’t get pregnant or get any sexually transmitted disease through it. Apart from all these benefits there are numerous health benefits as well associated with it (for both men and women). Some of them are:


  1. Ease Stress & Depression:

Masturbation can be used in the management of stress. While masturbating, our body produces chemical called endorphins. This chemical has special power to lower the increased blood pressure and provide a soothing effect to brain. Thus, this is one of the best stress reliever. You yourself might have observed that if you are not feeling sleepy at night, after masturbation, you start to feel sleepy, all this is because of the stress relieving effect of masturbation.

masturbation sex and healthy tips
masturbation sex and healthy tips


Not just this, scientists are even doing researches on how masturbation could be used as a medication for depression patients.


  1. Increases Immunity:

Masturbation and immunity? All of you might have always thought the other way round, that masturbation decreases body’s capability to fight against diseases. But the truth is, it actually provides a boost to our immune system. Since masturbation involves a lot of hormonal activities inside our body, and one of the hormone which is produced during masturbation is cortisol, which actually helps regulate and maintain immunity. It not only boosts immunity on its own but also creates such an environment inside body that it utilizes the existing vitamins and minerals to create antibodies.

masturbation can be a healthy practice if done correctly
masturbation can be a healthy practice if done correctly
  1. Relieves Cramps:

Masturbation during that time of the month for females could really help them get aid in the pain. Since masturbation increases blood flow to the pelvic area, which helps a lot in easing pain. Similarly for males, if you got any cramps, then try masturbating once, it will surely provide a faster and pain free recovery. It will for sure beat the hot water bottle on improvement scale from pain while cramps.

There are studies which have shown that, a good masturbation with a good orgasm can provide relief from pains as severe as fracture.


  1. Prevents Prostate Cancer:

The main reason for prostate cancer is the toxins build up in the urogenital tract. Since, while masturbating, the urogenital track is used to carry sperm from testosterones to the edge of the penis (in males) and the similar is the use in case of females, thus the toxins do not get to stay and are flushed every time you ejaculate. Studies have also proven that men who ejaculate five times a week (either by sex or masturbation) are one hundredth less likely to develop prostate cancer as compared to the ones who never does.

how to control masturbation habit, health tips
how to control masturbation habit, health tips
  1. Fights Premature Ejaculation:

The biggest fear of a man – “Premature Ejaculation”. This happens when man gets over excited while having sex and could not control the feelings. In such cases, masturbation may prove out to be your best friend. Next time, before hitting the bed, do masturbate 2 hours before the sex. This would for sure help you last longer in the bed since body takes some time between consecutive ejaculations. And 2 hours I have mentioned so that your body gets to recover of the first ejaculation in the mean.


  1. Prevent Erectile Dysfunction:

Another thing that men fears the most, the worst nightmare – ED. Many of you must be thinking that masturbation in itself is the cause of it, then how come it can cure ED. Look, the logic is very simple. Erectile dysfunction happens when pelvic floor muscles become weak. And since masturbation works out the pelvic floor muscles, thus it acts as a workout activity for those muscles (like pushups for chest); hence ends up strengthening them and prevents ED from the root itself.

good and bad health effects of masturbation
health effects of masturbation
  1. Younger Looking Skin:

There are a number of ways in which masturbation helps you keep skin young and flawless. First of all as mentioned above, masturbation helps provide relieve from stress; stress being the biggest contributor to ageing skin, masturbation thus helps fight stress and saves skin from early ageing signs like wrinkles and dark spots. Secondly, since it helps fight insomnia by providing relief to brain, it doesn’t let dark circles appear on the skin (one of the sign of ageing). And third is while masturbating, our heart pumps rigorously, thus helps blood circulation, which is usually less in facial areas otherwise, hence provides much needed vitamins and minerals to the skin and helps curb deficiencies if any. It not only helps provide younger skin but also fight several skin ailments.


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This is not it; the list of benefits may stretch up to 100’s of points. Many studies have shown that masturbation also helps in getting relief from cold, and it has also been proved that masturbation helps last longer in bed. After reading all these benefits you must be wondering that knowingly or unknowingly you have really done a lot for your health and body.

masturbation pics and practices
masturbation pics and practices

But all these benefits mentioned above are valid only till the point you are masturbating in control or in average numbers that suits your health. Don’t know what is a safe and healthy number for masturbation? Check out now in my next post – How Much to Masturbate in a Week or Month? A Safe Number”

But once you start to cross the limit and lose control on your horse, you might land to a stage where in these benefits turn out to be harmful for your health without letting you know. Really, if it could give you wings then it could also bring you back on earth if you over do this act of pleasure.

masturbation is not a sin or crime
masturbation is not a sin or crime

Excessive masturbation can stimulate acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions. An immoderate amount of stimulation can result in an over-production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin, causing a considerable change in body chemistry.

The side effects of these changes in body chemistry can manifest themselves as:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Memory loss
  • Blurred vision
  • Groin/testicular pain
  • Pre-Ejaculation/ erection problem
  • Nightfall
  • General weakness


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So, before you masturbate next time, keep a note on the number. What I’ll suggest you is to keep a number in mind; for example I’ll masturbate twice or may be thrice a week whichever you feel is safe and enough for you (three – four works fine for me). Just keep a check on number and don’t dare to exceed it. You can mentally prepare yourself by making in mind that if I’ll cross this number, then I’ll not travel by my car or bike and will go on foot to college or market or office (something that will bother you in such a way that you can’t afford to do). This way you’ll not only make this game safe, but also more enjoyable. And if you have got an idea that you are crossing the numbers then first thing you should do is read my next article which would help you control your habit – How to Stop/Control Masturbation and Regain Strength and Stamina. I have tried every possible easiest way which would genuinely help a normal man, since it worked out in my case it would surely help you as well.

post masturbation relaxation
post masturbation relaxation

By telling you all these benefits neither am I provoking you to masturbate more; nor am I asking you to stop masturbating by telling its harmful effects on health. What I believe is excess of everything is bad, and anything done in limits gives more pleasure as well. So do enjoy, but in a healthy limit.


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And one more important thing that I would like to mention before I end up is the way you carry the process of masturbation also decides a lot about your sexual health. So, do follow the tips onWhat to do & What not to do after masturbation


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain

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