Modern food has become our enemy. We have become so besotted by taste and presentation that we eat food for its entertainment value, not for its nutritional benefit. Even as health awareness is increasing the variety of junk and nutrition deprived food is also increasing. Each restaurant boasts of a new cuisine, which is a mixture of refined flour, oil and sugar. Pasta, noodles, white rice, white bread and maida- baised products like pizza, burgers are the grain options in Italian, Chinese or Mexican cuisines. The vegetarian dishes are either overcooked or have a lot of corn starch and fat. The non – vegetarian dishes are either white – sauce based or made in rich gravies. All these listed food, in no way, provide the exact nutritional value to our body which it actually demands. On the other hand, the trend of junk fund is leading us to several mental and physical health hazards. 

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Another misconception that can be seen is that, people are trying to lose weight by eating less in the day, so that they can accommodate such foods in the night. Sometimes they skip breakfast and lunch. Perfect health, however cannot be achieved by a process of deprivation and elimination. The idea is to nourish the body. We might achieve some weight loss but will also lose out on our health.

By following proper health plan, people can lose extra baggage automatically. This means that weight loss can be a natural by-product of a health regime. We don’t have to eat less to lose weight but choose our food correctly. In fact, the link between the ideal body weight and health is so crucial that if one were to concentrate completely on achieving good health, one would automatically achieve some amount of weight loss.

Food influences almost every aspect of our being. It influences our nails, hairs, skin and harmones. It balances our emotion, makes our mind sharp, influences our mood and helps us to deal with situation better. Just imagine, the milk that we drank yesterday eventually becomes a part of our nails and bones. The vegetable that we eat will affect the texture of our skin. The fact that the right kind of fats are essential to achieve good health comes as a surprise to many people. Most people try to cut calories by going on fat free diets. While eating less fat is not a bad idea, going on a fat free diet has its own set of problems. Fats make ‘eiconsanoids’ which influence vital aspects of our body right from blood pressure to premenstrual syndrome to pain sensitivity as in arthritis. For example, PUFA – based oils triggers inflammatory responses and increase pain in arthritis patients, while Omega -3 and MUFA – based oils like mustard oil, groundnut oil do not increase pain and inflammation of the joints. Another example can be  – that of bran. It is primarily composed of fat. The right fat intake ( walnuts, almond, alsi seeds ) would naturally influence our concentration, memory, ability to conceptualize, calculate and comprehend life better. The brain is the vital organ that regulates the body and makes living possible. If we deprive our body of the right fats, we might fall prey to depression and other mental disorders. Fat is as essential to our body as vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates are. Therefore, whilst embarking upon any weight loss programme, remember that health is so much important than weight loss , at the same time achieving ideal body weight in a healthy way does provide a basis for achieving perfect health.

There is an old proverb, “ An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, which also implicates that our  health is the reflection of our diet. I we eat good, we stay blessed. However, eating junk and high fat content food will lead us to obesity, depression and laziness. In a recent survey conducted, it was reported that packed noodles in markets contain heavy amount of lead content, which when consumed in large amount could lead to kidney failures, cancer and slow down memorizing power of youngsters.

So, our diet should be filled with right amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The fruits and vegetables that we use should be properly cleaned in boiled water . The breakfast should never be skipped. In fact, the breakfast should be the heaviest one and the dinner should be lightest. Our personality is the reflection of our eating habits.


Abhilasha Ajmera

Abhilasha Ajmera

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Abhilasha Ajmera

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