10 Natural Foods that can replace Viagra

Got hitched and getting ready for the big day?? Or shall I say the big night..!! No need to feel shy, I am also a man and share the same thoughts as you guys do. The thoughts that occupy the mind of males after engagement are – has my masturbation habit left my tank empty, or what if I don’t know and I am suffering from erectile dysfunction? Will I be able to satisfy her? Will I be able to penetrate her? What if I won’t be able to do so? She’ll laugh at me… I won’t be able to face anyone…

First of all these thoughts are just our fear because masturbation is not that harmful for your penis until or unless you have overdone that act of joy. Don’t worry even if you have (most of us here would have surely), you need not go to any doctor or any chemist for the medicines to overcome any deficiency or increased power and stamina. I have prepared a list of easily available fruits that will again turn your penis into a monster and help you maintain your prestige 😉

foods for great sex
natural foods that can replace vigra
  1. Watermelon:

Watermelon is often referred to as natural Viagra because it is the richest source of an amino acid known as citrulline. Our bodies use citrulline to create arginine, another amino acid that is necessary for the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a chemical that helps relax blood vessels, improving in that way the sexual stamina and preventing erectile dysfunction. It is in fact an important component in the mechanism of erection.


  1. Orange:

The antioxidants and Vitamin C present in oranges improves the quality and motility of your sperm thus keeping you fertile. Another vitamin called folic acid also is an essential nutrient for maintaining healthy sperms that you can obtain from oranges. It also protects the sperm from genetic damage, which might lead to birth defects.


  1. Mango:

 The king of fruits “Mango” has some sexual benefits that most of you might not be aware of. The fairy fact about mango is that it boosts sex drive. The vitamin E that is abundantly present in mangoes helps to regulate sex hormones and boosts sex drive. Men and women with low libido should eat a lot of mangoes.


  1. Pineapple:

Eating large amount of pineapple dramatically changes the way our seminal and vaginal fluids taste.

Scientific tests have been conducted for the same. A number of couples were made to eat a number of pineapples and asked to have oral sex. And the result of test was very shocking that eating pineapple actually sweetens the taste of your ‘sex wee’.


  1. Avocado:

      Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats making them good for your arteries. Anything that keeps the heart beating strong helps keep blood flowing to all the right places; thus promotes libido, prevents erectile dysfunction and makes it a useful food for every men before any adventurous night.

best foods that can work as vigra
how to increase your sex stamina
  1. Almond:

      Almonds contain zinc, selenium, and vitamin E that seem to be important for sexual health and reproduction.
Selenium can help with infertility issues and, while zinc is a mineral that helps produce men’s sex hormones and can boost libido. Vitamin E on the other hand promotes healthy heart beats that makes blood flow to each part and thus fights erectile dysfunction.


  1. Pomegranate:

Pomegranate has been found to have Viagra like effects. It surges testosterone, improve sperm quality and increase sex drive & mood in both sexes.

Scientific tests were conducted where couples were made to eat pomegranate or drink a glass of pomegranate juice for 15 days and the results displayed that by the end of the fortnight both sexes had seen significantly increased testosterone levels. It is also produced in female adrenal glands and ovaries, raising a woman’s sex drive and strengthening bones and muscles.


  1. Dates:

     Date is known to increase sexual stamina. It should be soaked overnight in goat’s milk and grinded in the same milk day after. Cardamom and honey must be added to this mixture to prepare a tonic. This is very useful in increasing sexual endurance and sterility.

     Dates are equally beneficial for both males and females and increase sexual arousal in both sexes.


  1. Raisins:

     Since ancient times, they have been used to treat sexual weaknesses. Raisins are known to stimulate libido and induce sexual arousal. This is primarily due the amino acid called Arginine, which is helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and increase the stamina that makes you last longer in bed.

     Raisins also provide a natural boost of energy which enhances the sexual capacity in a person. They are also responsible for the increasing the sperm motility, leading to better chances of conception during a sexual intercourse.


  1. Strawberry: 

Good circulation is thought to be crucial for sexual functioning in both men and women, and strawberries are rich in antioxidants that benefit your heart and arteries that are responsible for soothing the process of circulation.

High level of zinc in strawberries is responsible to maintain healthy sperm count. Zinc, is the nutrient most associated with sex for a number of reasons. These include the fact it governs testosterone which is needed for sperm production. Second, a woman’s body apparently prepares itself for sex more quickly if zinc levels are high.

 It is also full of libido-boosting methylxanthines. 


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Viagra’s little blue pill has become a byword for giving your sex drive a boost, but it has many disadvantages also associated with it, but the fruits mentioned above are gift of nature and have no side effects hence should be your first preference if you want to enjoy a long, healthy and tension free sex life.

Do use these tips and don’t forget to comment and urge others also to use these fruits before going for any medication.


Eat Healthy…!! Stay Healthy..!!

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain

Ankit is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind MedicTips. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for MedicTips. Ankit has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health. Currently Working in MNC, with the prior goal to promote healthy living, Ankit is giving his best to help society stay healthy and fit.
Ankit Jain

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Tj said :Guest Jan 11, 2017 at 4:02 PM

I think all men have tried these foods, but the nutrition that increases the erectile performance doesn't do anything simply because there isnt enough of it. Kamagra polo tablets are your best bet.