The Powerful Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate… the powerful the name, so is its nutritional value. For me pomegranate is the most powerful fruit I have ever known. It is also considered as ‘fruit of paradise’. It is richest source of a number of vitamins, minerals. It could be easily found in almost every corner of our country and even throughout Asia Pacific and other continents also.

It has tough outer skin (rind) features leathery texture. Interior of the fruit is separated by white, thin, spongy, membranous, bitter tissue into discreet compartments. Such sections, packed as sacs, filled with tiny edible sweet, juicy, pink pulp encasing around a single, angular, soft or hard. The crispy and juicy nature of fruit makes it even more tempting and mouthwatering.

A 100gm of fruit contains


top health benefits of pomegranate
top health benefits of pomegranate
PrincipleNutrient Value
Vitamin C10.2mg
Vitamin E0.6mg



The longer the name of this fruit is… even longer is the list of its benefits on health. I have listed a few below:

  1. Regulates Cholesterol:

Pomegranates contain paraoxonase—a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that helps keeps LDL (bad cholesterol) from accumulating in arteries. Thus keeping the blood flow normal throughout and not allowing it to get shallow or blocked, hence helping in maintaining blood pressure and keeping heart diseases at bay. In one study, subjects who drank pomegranate juice for two weeks had an 18% increase in production of the enzyme

  1. Helpful for Arthritis patients:

Studies have shown that pomegranate extract can block enzymes that are known to damage joints in people with osteoarthritis. Both pomegranate seed oil and pomegranate fruit extract have anti-inflammatory effects that stop the destruction of joints caused by osteoarthritis. Hence providing a great relief to patients from the unbearable pain.

  1. Keeps a check on oral health:

They keep your teeth clean. Rich in polyphenolic flavonoids—compounds with antibacterial properties—pomegranate juice has been found to be just as effective as any prescribed mouthwash for plaque, the bacteria that cause cavities and gingivitis. Thus, pomegranate juice can be a better option than alcohol containing mouth washes available at pharmacy stores.

  1. A great source of fiber:

A single pomegranate contains nearly a quarter of the daily recommended amount of dietary fiber, which helps you feel full and maintain a healthy weight. In short, helps you lose weight. The lesser you’ll feel hungry, the lesser you’ll eat and the lesser you’ll eat, more the body fat will be burned. And the high amount of fiber also helps in maintaining water to salt balance inside our body.

Pomegranets health benefits
Pomegranets health benefits
  1. Natural Viagra :

Since ancient times, pomegranates have been considered as a symbol of fertility. A glass of Pomegranate juice boost testosterone levels in both men and women. This Property makes natural aphrodisiac that is great for your sex life. Also [pomegranate contains certain compounds that are similar to sex steroids found in humans, explaining why it improves sex stamina and desires.

  1. Immunity Booster:

Being rich in anti-inflammatory compounds pomegranates are extremely healthy for those suffering from immune related disorders like RHEUMATOID arthritis, they are also rich in vitamin c which boost anti body production and development of immunity. Pomegranates can thus help you maintain a healthy new system and save you from common illness like cold, cough and fever. Its anti-microbial properties make it an inhibitor of HIV transmission. Out of all the fruits pomegranate has the highest potential to inhabit the transmission of HIV.

  1. Prevents many types of cancer:

Pomegranate’s antioxidant activity is known to inhibit cell proliferation and invasion, and promote apoptosis (cell death) in various cancer cells. In one study, pomegranate extract was found to inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells by inducing cell death.

In men with prostate cancer, those who drank pomegranate juice significantly lengthened the time it took for their PSA levels to double (from about 15 months to 54 months). Men whose PSA levels double in a short time are at an increased risk of death from prostate cancer, so the results suggest that pomegranate had a powerfully protective effect.

  1. Improve erectile dysfunction:

Drinking about eight ounces of 100% pomegranate juice each day can help with erectile dysfunction and impotence. The potent antioxidants in pomegranates prevent free radical molecules from disrupting circulation that is the root cause of impotence and erectile dysfunction.

  1. Healthy skin:

Pomegranates are also very useful for skin health and beauty. Compounds in the pomegranate may help with preventing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles that are often caused by sun damage. Pomegranates help soften the skin and produce additional elastin and collagen that may make the skin look more smooth, firm, and youthful. Pomegranates can also can help the skin repair tissue and wounds and improve circulation to the skin. 

  1. Hair fall solution:

It is found that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice daily or merely eating the seeds of pomegranate fruit daily may reduce the problem of hair fall up to 100%. The high quantity of Vitamin C and other antioxidants provides required nourishment to hair and hence not only stops hair loss but also makes hair strong, thicker and healthier.


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Likewise, there are infinite benefits of pomegranate, like it is also helpful for eye diseases, several virals like common cold, in several life taking diseases like in dengue pomegranate can help increase the lost blood platelets. The list is never ending. So to conclude we can say that “a pomegranate a day can keep all your problems at bay.”

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain

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Ankit Jain

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