Secrets of Muscular and Handsome Body; Vidyut Jamwal Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The Handsome Hulk of Bollywood and a trained Martial arts fighter and gymnastics who was a model and now turned into big screen Hero (actor) is a Heartthrob Personality in the Film Industry. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Commando of Indian film industry, “Vidyut Jamwal”. He started as a model and walked many ramps but now he is the role model for the young generation who wants to build a body like him. He has a muscular physique that along with flexibility and great shape makes him one of the most wanted guys among girls.


commando vidyut jamwal workout routine and sexy body
commando vidyut jamwal workout routine and sexy body


He was born in 1980 (December 10) in UP so that makes him 36 years old today (2017). He is a big fan of Hrithik Roshan, Sunil Shetty, Kamal Haasan, Salman Khan and Rajnikanth.

He made his first appearance in the Indian cinema as a bad guy from the film Force, where he fought against the Super Hero of Bollywood, John Abraham. John Abraham is another dashing personality who is well known for his powerful muscles and love for bikes. Later he made a Lead role in the super hit film “Commando” where he was seen opposite to Pooja Chopra in a combo of Combat-based action and love story.


vidyut jamwal sexy body and pics
vidyut jamwal sexy body and pics

Fact: – He was born in a family that had an army background and thus he was so much tilted towards fitness, gymnastics and martial arts.

He was also paired with Mona Singh and news spread that he was having affairs although he gave a negative response on that.

Vidyut Jamwal is popularly known as the “The New Age Action Hero of Bollywood”. Vidyut is not the only one in the superhero category. Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan are already having a solid base in Bollywood in the Action hero Genre.

Vidyut made the confession in the recent interview that he owns his muscular body to kalaripayattu, an ancient Indian martial art form. He mastered this art form at a very young age.

gym workout of vidyut jamwal
gym workout of vidyut jamwal

Vidyut follows his own training methods in the gym to shape his body for the best workout. Having a very muscular and bodybuilder cut body, he started doing stunts and action in Bollywood soon after modeling.


He has a very great body build up with below mentioned vital stats.

    Height: 5’10” (1.78 m)

    Weight: 154-158 lbs (70-72 kg)

    Chest: 42”-45”

    Waist: 32”

    Biceps: 15.5”-16”


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Workout Routine followed by Vidyut Jamwal

He is a gymnastic and also practices martial arts and its various forms. He does not go to the gym daily but at least 3 to 4 times in a week for strength and weight training. But he trains his body for fitness every day.

Vidyut’s fitness regimen includes training early in the morning from 6 am to 11 am and then again from 5 pm to 9 pm.

He follows a tough workout routine where he invests 2 days in martial arts practice and 4 days of rigorous weight training, spending almost 6-7 hours a day which includes warm, push-ups and squats daily without any break.


vidyut jaimal sexy figure and abs cut
vidyut jaimal sexy figure and abs cut


Vidyut Jamwal 4 day Gym Workout Routine

Day 1, he trains his back and biceps

Day 2, he focuses on chest and triceps exercises

Day 3, he does few leg workouts

Day 4, he concentrates on shoulder exercises


In Gym he majorly works on his legs and shoulders. He says “I Believe that the body has a wisdom of its own and in order to fine tune it, one must work out and indulge inadequate exercise”.

vidyut jamwal muscular body workout tips
vidyut jamwal muscular body workout tips


Not a Gym lover then how is he able to get such a fantastic body and strength?

For these queries, Vidyut Jamwal says that his fitness mantra is practicing martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour regularly. Gymnastics and martial arts help him in attaining flexibility and agile strength.

He has been doing these fitness exercises since he was young and that has helped him in maintain such a good physique from top to bottom.

His strength is in his brain, which is focused and motivated when it comes to fitness. One should follow fitness with complete focus and enthusiasm, after all, it is your body that defines you. He says “The ability to go beyond determination and motivation lies in the brain. I don’t consider myself a fitness freak but I guess I am one”.


vidyut jamwal hansome hulk bollywood commando hero
vidyut jamwal hansome hulk bollywood commando hero


Healthy Diet Plan

Earlier Vidyut used to be non-vegetarian but in 2002, he turned into a vegetarian. In 2014, he was also named as the PETA’s hottest vegetarian of 2013.

He eats at regular intervals of time and keeps himself hydrated which is the secret of his good fitness. Thus he eats 4 to 5 times a day and avoids aerated drinks as well.

He says “Extra workout is not going to make you fit but taking proper diet post and pre-workout will help you build a good body and achieve fitness”.

He neither does smoking nor alcohol consumption which is one of the reason that he is able to maintain such a blasting handsome body.

He drinks Protein shakes every day and tofu is the main source of protein for him. He does not follow any particular diet chart or diet plan but believes that our food should contain a balance of all the essential nutrients, so one should eat everything that is healthy and home-made. Avoiding junk food and oily food is good for health.

Having fruits and green vegetables helps to stay healthy and thus he prefers to have them daily in his diet.


sexy body and muscular physique of jamwal vidyut
sexy body and muscular physique of jamwal vidyut

Let us secretly peek into his diet which follows like this:-

Pre-workout and post-workout diet is really important, so he has 1 bowl of muesli with fruits and oats before going to the gym and Protein shakes, tofu after the gym.

    Breakfast: Idlis, break toast

    Lunch: Vegetables, dal, chapati

    Evening snack: A plate of upma, cut-fruits or juices

    Dinner: Chapattis, green veggies and rice


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vidyut jamwal commando 2 pics and sexy figure
vidyut jamwal commando 2 pics and sexy figure

Vidyut Secrets of Fitness and his Mantra of building such a stunning body that he has.

He says that people often come up with many comments like lack of facilities or economic problems are push them back from hitting a gym. They say that these problems do not allow them to have the gym facilities and thus they are not able to focus on health and fitness. He says that these are mere excuses and can be tackled. You can do sprint, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups anywhere and anytime, all you need is the motivation and desire to do it.

He says that one should drive his body to fitness and healthy lifestyle. Also, six-pack abs do not mean fitness, but your overall body structure defines fitness. You should not go for artificial capsules or powder for attaining that six-pack ab or muscular body. Rather than that work for the best and get the results the correct way.


vidyut jaimal martial arts training
vidyut jaimal martial arts training

Vidyut Jamwal Bodybuilding Tips

    Bodybuilding is not only about training hard, but it is also about having the right approach to nutrition. Without proper nutrition planning, one cannot achieve the perfect biceps, abs, and shoulders no matter how rigorously he trains at the gym.

Fitness mantra for Vidyut is simple and easy.

Start practicing any particular physical activity that you like or love. It can be swimming, trekking, cycling and playing outdoor or kick-boxing. Do it daily and enjoy it.


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