Are you having fine set of teeth in your mouth?

capture good oral and dental health tips
capture good oral and dental health tips

Are you sure you have fine teeth and no dental issue? I think you will say “YES” since you are not facing any oral or dental issues right now. But the statement that some oral issues are growing slowly in your mouth is very scary and needs attention.

Yes there is a very probable chance that your teeth require dental check now. I am not saying this because it is a health and fitness website and it is suggested to have dental check up every year. But I am saying this because I recently went through a dental check-up and the results were quite out of my expectation.

oral and dental health practices and tips
oral and dental health practices and tips

When was the last time you had a dental check-up? I had it 6 or may be 8 years back, in fact I don’t even remember going to dentist after 10th class. So that is a long time, believe me and I had made that mistake but luckily I was brushing my teeth twice, before going to bed and once after waking up; that helped me in avoiding major issues.

Last day I had a dental check-up in my office. The Company has arranged a free dental check-up for employees for 1 day. I was not interested to go for that but just for the sake of going along with friends I landed up on the chair next to the dentist.  She did her regular check-up and told me what the issue in my teeth was. Actually there were more than 1 issue. I had 2 small cavities and very hard waste stuck near to my teeth bottom. They had even affected my gum and were causing bacterial gum infection. If wouldn’t have treated it, in next 1 year or so; they might have worsen the situation.

Now cavity required 1 time filling which will last like forever, but the particles of food can start accumulating again once they do the cleaning. So what should be done?

correct way of brushing the teeth
correct way of brushing the teeth

The mistake that I was making in the first place was incomplete brushing. You need to take proper care of your teeth in order to have them when you are 70+. I was not brushing them from inside and with proper direction (moving the brush from bottom to top).

The most important part to remember was to avoid “hard chocolate or sweets that can stick to your teeth”.

Avoid chewing gum and do gargling properly after having food.

Use Waxed dental floss rather using tooth picks to clean the spaces in between your teeth. Toothpicks can cause problems in your gums and they are not very effective in cleaning.

Do not leave anything stuck in your mouth when you go to sleep. Also make sure you have brushed your teeth at night before going to bed especially if you had milk at night. Milk attracts more cavity problems and that is why it is suggested.

Use a proper toothbrush and toothpaste to avoid dental problems. Use a soft tooth brush with good bristles and a toothpaste that has natural ingredients.

Never have drinks or food that is too cold or too hot to drink. They may affect the sensitivity of your teeth.

We think what we see and we see only the outside part of the teeth and miss the inside or below gums which holds the teeth. We require dental check-up because we eat wrong food many times or occasionally and many of us do not brush our teeth the way it should be.

You can read about the many mistakes we make while brushing our teeth here :-

Mistakes you are committing while Brushing

There are many natural ways that can help you get white shinning and strong teeth. These are very basic methods that you can try at home and get effective results. The best part is that, you won’t face any side effects from these. Moreover they give results quickly. Going to dentist for teeth whitening is not very much recommended because they use tools to do that and it can surely effect your gums and teeth. The roots also can be effected due to the artificial whitening technique followed by dentist. Rather than that you can follow some natural ways to get whitening and shinning teeth.


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We hope you get the solution to your problems here in the most natural and effective way. If you still have any questions or comments in your mind, do not hesitate to ask us. You can also like our facebook page to keep your facebook news feed updated with latest tips from health and fitness station.

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