Secrets of Muscular and Flexible Body; Tiger Shroff Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Tiger Shroff, son of famous Bollywood actor, Jackie Shroff is the new entry to Bollywood Film Industry who made his debut in “Heropanti” released in 2014. His real full name is Jai Hemanta Shroff. He is a very good football player and always wanted to play football as a profession but after realizing that football does not hold a good carrier option in India, he made his choice to jump into film line.

Tiger Shroff six packs abs
Tiger Shroff six packs abs

Following the footsteps of his father he started his carrier with super hit “Heropanti” directed by Sajid Nadiawala. For his debut movie he underwent motion training and flexibility training which include front pike, wall flips and leaps, 360 degree-backward twist. As a result of which he came into limelight and immediately got offers for next to movies “Baaghi” and “Flying Jatt”. In Baaghi as well, the star has shown some out of the league action stunts which clearly shows the flexibility his body posses despite being a bulky one.

His upcoming movie “Munna Michael” and “Student Of The Year 2” are the most awaited movies of this year and “Baaghi 2” has also been aligned to be released next year. We hope his stars shine even brighter with these movies.


tiger shroff and shradha kapoor from baaghi
tiger shroff and shradha kapoor from baaghi

The Actor is a big fan of Bruce Lee and is well trained in martial arts. For Tiger Shroff, Bruce Lee is an idol and that is the reason he always keep himself in perfect shape and fit physically.

What is Tiger Shroff latest body stats?

The Dashing actor Tiger Shroff who is making headlines with his great macho physique and six-pack abs has one of the best body shape.

Height: 5 ft 11 inches or 180 cm

Weight: 72 kg or 159 pounds

Chest: 43 inches or 109 cm

Biceps: 17 inches or 43 cm

Waist: 32 inches or 81 cm

tiger shroff bollywood hunk and hulk
tiger shroff bollywood hunk and hulk


The stunts and action performance by Tiger in Heropanti and Baaghi movie has  made it clear that he is made for action movies. Though he has put up great efforts for his upcoming movie “Munna Michael” on his body and looks.

His macho body and great abs are the result of some good workout routine and diet plan. The well toned and great shape body cannot build in a day or week. It takes continuous and consistent effort.

 He is Passionate about many things like working out in gym regularly, Dancing, martial arts and football. He practices kickboxing and gymnastics to give his body the elasticity that we admire in his dance.

Tiger Shroff in Munna Michael
Tiger Shroff in Munna Michael

Let’s capture the workout routine and diet plan of Tiger:-

His Gym Workout includes:-

Day 1- Chest (Flat bench, Incline bench, Dumbbell press, Chest flye)

Day 2- Back (Pull-ups, Lateral machine pull-downs, Low and one-arm dumbbell rolls of 100 kg)

Day 3- Legs (Squats with 190kg weight on shoulders, Hamstrings curls with 90kg weights, Step-ups with 90kg weight, Barbells, Free squats)

Day 4- Arms (Olympic barbell curls with 60 kg weight, Dumbbell curls with 32 kg weights, Reverse curls with 30kg weight, Close grip barbell presses, Press downs, Skull crushers with 68kg weight)

Day 5- Shoulders (Knee and shoulder press with 90 kg weights, Military press, Lateral raises using dumbbells, Lateral raises using machine, Rear flyes with 40kg weight)

Day 6- Mixed (Dead lifts with 250 kg weight, Squats with 100 kg weight, Kneel and press with 50 kg weight, Plyometric push-ups)

Day 7- Abs (Crunches: 12 sets of 10-12 reps, Hanging reverse crunches, Weight loaded reverse crunches with 10 kg weight, Standing and seated calf presses)


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tiger shroff fitness mantra and workout routine
tiger shroff fitness mantra and workout routine

Fitness being his first love, he never misses to go to gym and train his body for that muscular look.

Tiger Shroff says “Fitness should be a combination of muscular strength, body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardio vascular endurance.”


Tiger Shroff take his classes from instructor on juhu beach where he does mix of martial arts and gymnastics and also some filmi-fighting to improve flexibility and alertness. The classes begins with stretching and running which later follows with practicing leaps, high kicks and splits.

Normal Diet plan

Breakfast: 8 egg whites and oatmeal

Snack: Dry fruits and whey shake

Lunch: Brown rice with chicken or fish and boiled vegetables

Before Workout: Protein shake

Dinner: Fish; green beans or broccoli

He takes break from the routine diet on Sundays. He usually goes out with his father to have Chinese meal.

Drinking water (7 to 8 litres) every day keeps him hydrated after so much of workout.

One thing that we couldn’t ignore about him was the fact that he doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. Normally almost all celebrities drink but Tiger Shroff likes to stay healthy in all aspects.

Tiger Shroff Munna Michael
Tiger Shroff Munna Michael

Tiger has been training under Dhole (trainer) for 5 years and according to his trainer, the body that tiger shroff has build up is a combination of discipline, hard work and genetics. He tries to eat healthy and keep the fat percentage low. The focus is on mostly strength and endurance exercises.

Tiger works out 7 days a week without taking any off and that is the reason he is able to maintain a body fat of 8 to 12 per cent.

He practices martial arts that serves him as cardiovascular workouts. He keeps changing the workouts every 4 months to stay motivated.

Doing gym everyday increases the body requirement for protein and vitamins. He takes food which has high protein content and takes some vitamin capsules as well. He prefers to have high fibre content food in diet.

He includes fat cutting food in his diet as well like garlic paste, green tea with lemon etc.

Follow Tiger Shroff daily routine and workout plan to get a muscular body. Discipline is an important factor that is required for achieving your dreams and tiger shroff had that discipline.

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