Dealing with Depression, For Your Good Health

Everyone goes through “ups” and “downs” in life .But when the “downs” outweigh the “ups” for more than few weeks , it becomes problematic and affects our day-to-day activities . It is easier to say that life is like heartbeat , which needs to go up and down for living , but when we really encounter with problems we do not remember these theories . As a result , many of us becomes victim of depression .

how to deal with depression
how to deal with depression

India is the most depressed country in the world according to the world health organisation. At 36% this is highest rate of depression anywhere on the globe. We also have the highest suicide rate of any country in the world. Over 1 lakh people on an average kill themselves in India every year and these are the only reported figures of depression and suicide. Yet, despite these statistics there continues to be absolutely an unneeded stigma a sense of embarrassment when it comes to talking about depression or mental health. There is also a sense of denial, people look at the mental health in a way that they do not look at the physical health, almost as if it is to suggest that it in the control of the person impacted about the person to do something about it. When we suffer from stomachache or diabetes or any physical health problem , we immediately take medical help but nobody takes mental health problems seriously, even the relatives or closed ones will come and pat you that ‘don’t worry , everything will be fine’ . Even if the victim desires to take medical help , they will resist by saying “what the people will think when they will come to know that you are taking medicines for mental problems” or “you may loss your job!”. In short, even today it is not considered good to take medical consultancy for mental health . It is the thought which needs immediate change .

There is a misconception that only weak persons go to psychologist , but that’s not true. Only the people who have enough courage can talk about what they are going through or consult psychiatrist .

Most of students are seen to be depressed because of their poor performance in examination or because their parents were not happy with their grades . Some because they can not perform well in their field or career ,or some because they can not fulfill their dream .

In every human being , there is a tremendous love need , when that need goes unfulfilled , depression seems to be the escape hatch people use to cope with it . Such depression begins early for the unwanted child who fears rejection by his parents ; it occurs in the adolescent who feels rejected by his peer group , the wife who senses rejection from his husband .

Women are generally more prone to depression than men . It may be because there are hormonal factors women have. If we look at the menstrual cycle , their fluctuation and progesterone can be to depression. There is a role issue ‘women’ , women have to juggle into multiple roles if one have to be a working mother , there is a lot more pressure. Women tend to be more emphatic, so they tend sometimes put the need of others above themselves. So  partly cultural and partly biological. But there is another side of the story , that men when they are depressed don’t seek help .When they are depressed they don’t cry they get angry and alienate people around them. So the depressed man is often the most lonely ,isolated and maybe alcoholic who is bereft  of any company and therefore might end up committing suicide.

how to overcome depression
how to overcome depression

Depression can come to anybody and everyone has different reasons , that’s not the problem , the real matter of concern is how we come out of it , how we face it.

Often when we feel depressed , we isolate ourselves, not willing to talk to anyone .If we’re feeling down , we should force ourself to reach out to others. When depression knocks on our door , it’s easy to want to pull up the covers and hide in bed all day. That’s the worst thing one can do . Mild to moderate exercise is one of the best remedies available for fighting the blues . Be sure to eat a balanced , low-fat, high fiber diet . Also avoid caffeine and chocolate . It can interfere with sleep and insomnia has been linked to depression . Get a balanced sleep , oversleeping is also not good for health .

There’s something powerful about writing down what one feels . It gives us an outlet for our emotions and helps us to access our fears and feelings quickly.

Trying stress reducing techniques like meditation , prayer , yoga , deep “belly” breathing can also help in relaxing.

While mild-to-mild depression can often be helped with some home remedies , but if depression lasts for several weeks ,or if person start having suicidal thoughts or fantasies , don’t be afraid to take professional help.

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it .So depression can be a way for someone , to become more strong , more mature or more enthusiastic and optimistic . As we know , “stars  do not shine until it’s dark.

Abhilasha Ajmera

Abhilasha Ajmera

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Abhilasha Ajmera

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